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No change to rates, as expected for now, but the Fed did signal that it would likely slow asset purchases “soon”, which some experts take to mean the changes may happen at the November meeting.  9 out of  18 participants now expect a rate liftoff in early 2022.  All this assuming the Fed’s employment and inflation goals “continue broadly as expected”.  Despite some dissension among officials on timing, it’s pretty clear that policy markets are preparing to move away from emergency-level policy accommodation, and moving toward “tapering” asset purchases and bonds. Equity markets are moving slightly lower and we’re seeing mortgage rates tick higher, after initially shooting lower immediately after the announcement. The market is starting to change! Get ready...... 

What does this mean to you?

As a Buyer in this market what you can afford at this moment will change once this happens. Adding even a point can make a significant difference in your home payment. So if you are on the fence about your next home purchase, it may be time to BUY! 

As a Seller thinking about the market, this could mean a slow down in homes selling. We have had a strong year in a "sellers market" but a rate increase could knock some buyers to a lower price or even out of the market, so lets get your home LISTED today! 

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