Winterizing Your Home

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Winterizing Your Home

It is getting to be that time of year again. Here are some tips to winterize your home:

  • Check for leaks: Replace worn weather stripping and caulk.
  • Replace old windows with energy efficient ones or install plastic window seal.
  • Draft stoppers can be attached to doors. Hire a contractor to perform a blower test to locate air leaks.
  • Install foam gaskets behind wall switch plates.
  • Close the damper on your fireplace when not in use.
  • Close crawlspace vents during the summer and winter and open them in spring and fall.
  • Check your heating and a/c: Hire professionals to clean, check, and lubricate the system.
  • Replace your heater’s air filter monthly.… Update old heating systems.
  • Use a setback thermostat, which turns the system down when you are, then back up when you are home.
  • In winter, set your ceiling fans so they blow upward to circulate heat without chilling you.
  • Check insulation: Check for adequate insulation — floor, wall, ceiling.
  • Check outside: Trim trees and dead branches.
  • Clean your gutters to prevent blocked drainage.
  • Install a chimney screen to block falling leaves.
  • Keep snow and ice from around your garage door.
  • Make sure steps and handrails are in good condition.
  • Drain gasoline from lawn mowers and other equipment only used in summer.

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